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Multimedia files concerning vezatin article

  • Movie 1 - Vezatin is enriched in the arc-shaped band containing contractile-F-actin in neuronal growth cone. Time-lapse video of Vezatin-GFP and RFP-Actin in a lived cortical neuron during early euronal differentiation (DIV7). Relative dynamic movements of Vezatin (green) and Actin (red) within the growth cone are observed, showing a central and arc-shaped codistribution of Vezatin and Actin. Scale bar: 10 mm

  • Movie 2 - Vezatin is at the PSD margin in spine. A three-dimensional digitized spine model using Amira 4.0 software. Visualization of a confocal image stack of a spine from the hippocampus. Surface structure has been obtained with the surface rendering tool. Vezatin staining is in red and PSD95 labelling is in green.

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