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Formation of synapses in hippocampal neurons.

The hippocampus is a telencephalic structure in the limbic lobe implicated in memory processes and in certain form of pharmaco-resistant epilepsy. The neuronal cells comunicate together by the way of specialized contacts: the synapses, where synaptic vesicles fusion with the plasma membrane to deliver the neurotransmitters in front of the postsynaptic receptors.


The hippocampal neurons are a good choice to investigate the molecular mechanisms regulating the distribution of synapses, and the distribution of the proteins present in emitting neuron (pre-synaptic compartment) and the receptor neuron (post-synaptic neuron). This system has been widely used to study excitatory synapse formation, but few sudies have investigate the inhibitory synapses.

We have worked on hippocampal neurons on several subjects:

  • formation of GABAErgic inhibitory synapses
    Molecular & Cellular Neurosciences (2003), 23:264-278. In Brief Download pdf.
  • discovery of a novel source of inhibition in hippocampus: the glycinergic transmission.
    Molecular & Cellular Neurosciences (2004), 27(4):394-403. In brief Download pdf.
  • The development of inhibitory interneurons and establishment of GABAergic synapses in vivo.
    Hippocampus (2006) 16:1032-1060 (2006). Review. Download pdf.

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